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Mastering Grammar And Struture

Learn and understand the target grammar structures and frame millions of correct sentences without any confusion by the end of your training.

3 thoughts on “Mastering Grammar and Structures”

  1. Manpreet Kaur

    Hi Maam , I am manpreet.
    Here are my sentences.
    1. English is a piece of cake for me .
    2. Jack is misanthropist.
    3. You are introverted in nature.
    4.It is a sunny day.
    5. Is Tim belligerent?

  2. Manpreet Kaur

    Hi maam , I am manpreet.
    Here are my sentences
    1. Was he with his wife ?
    2 . Weren’t they selfish?
    3. Was the food mouth-watering?
    4. Was jack there?
    5. Was that girl loquacious?

  3. Haii mam.. I am Anamika soni
    1. Was that boy poor?
    2. Was aman’s brother sad?
    3. Weren’t they absent today?
    4. How many servants were you need?
    5. Were you beat your younger brother?

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