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Mastering Grammar And Struture

Learn and understand the target grammar structures and frame millions of correct sentences without any confusion by the end of your training.

15 thoughts on “Mastering Grammar and Structures”

  1. Manpreet Kaur

    Hi Maam , I am manpreet.
    Here are my sentences.
    1. English is a piece of cake for me .
    2. Jack is misanthropist.
    3. You are introverted in nature.
    4.It is a sunny day.
    5. Is Tim belligerent?

  2. Manpreet Kaur

    Hi maam , I am manpreet.
    Here are my sentences
    1. Was he with his wife ?
    2 . Weren’t they selfish?
    3. Was the food mouth-watering?
    4. Was jack there?
    5. Was that girl loquacious?

  3. Haii mam.. I am Anamika soni
    1. Was that boy poor?
    2. Was aman’s brother sad?
    3. Weren’t they absent today?
    4. How many servants were you need?
    5. Were you beat your younger brother?

  4. Does hard work never go in Vienna?
    Why does success come after unsuccess?
    Why do many people believe in luck?
    Does she speak her mind to me?
    Do I use full time to learn speak English ?
    Why don’t we use safety precaution in the pandemic?

  5. Hi maam, Here are my sentences .
    1. Is john a uxorious husband?
    2. Is it your off tomorrow ?
    3 . Is he a credulous person ?
    4. Are you tenacious towards your goal ?
    5.why are not you home ?

  6. Hi maam, Here are my sentences .
    1. Was he a bit nervous ?
    2. Was he ill?
    3.were they with you last night?
    4. Where were you last week ?
    5. What was the schedule for your meeting?

  7. Hi maam , here are my sentences
    Does she wake up early in the morning?
    Do they come here daily ?
    Where does she live ?
    Does she leave for office at 8 in the morning?
    How do you like my new phone?

  8. Hi maam ,my sentences are here.
    Used to in past
    1. I used to play with my best friend when i was a kid.
    2 I used to dancing.
    3. My friend used to have very beautiful hair.
    4. Jack used to smoking.
    5 . There used to be a park when i was a kid.
    Used to in present
    1. I am not used to speaking in English.
    2. I am not used to exercising.
    3 she is not used working on laptop.
    4 . Rita is not used to baking cakes.
    5 . Rahul is not used to drinking liquor.

  9. Hi maam , here are my sentences.
    1. I was happy When I lived with my parents.
    2. I was happy when I went to college with my friend.
    3 I was happy when I shopped with my mother.
    4 . I was happy when I bake a cake .
    5 I was happy when I helped someone.

  10. Hi maam , here are my sentences
    1 I must have particularly in curricular activites in school.
    2. I must havr listened to my parent’ s advice.
    3.I must have studied hard.
    4 I must have joined ocean english academy earlier.

  11. Hi maam , here are my sentences
    1 How long will it take you?
    2. I won’t take much time.
    3 I will not be able to do this work by 9.
    4 will you practice English after watching this video?
    5. It will take me sometime you may go.

  12. Hello maam here are my sentences
    1. Could please say it again?
    2 I couldn’t take your call , i was sleeping.
    3 could i be of any help?
    4. Could you please favour me ?
    5 I could nit clear that exam.
    6 could you please talk to me ?
    7 could you please shift a little forward ?
    8 I could attend a party because I met sith an accident.
    9 could you please figure out why he cheated on me ?
    10 could you get me a glass of water?

  13. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    My course showing expired,
    I am sorry i could not completete the course due to some reason.
    Can you plz help me to open it?
    So i can complete it.

  14. Their cars were being washed while they were in the mall shopping.
    Many tv are made in China.
    We were invited to Tom’s marriage.
    The documents will all be signed by next week.
    The new assistant had been hired before the store opened .
    She said the documents could be issued within the week.
    Criminals must be stopped before they commit crimes .

  15. Shubham Srivastava

    I have watched advance grammar module videos. It was so confusing. Now i am confuse in those tenses which I had already known.
    I would not appreciate this.

    Again your YouTube video is much better than this module.
    Now i am moving farword to next module.
    Hope i will get something good,useful and helpful video there.

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