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Ocean English Academy is a pioneer institute in the field of English language training and IELTS coaching with four branches in Gurgaon. The institute was founded in 2012 on the principles of developing and delivering high-quality training. Our strategically designed training module provides the requisite knowledge and skills to individuals ranging from working professionals to house wives and young learners to improve their personality and communication abilities. The training provides them step-by-step guidance to communicate in all real life situations with clarity, confidence, poise and presence.

We follow a step by step process of teaching the basics of the language with our primary focus on, how the language functions, essential grammar training that forms the base for framing correct sentences, building vocabulary, improving pronunciation, learning idioms and colloquial language. The, the course provides a balanced diet on covering the skills used in one’s everyday life like speaking, listening, reading and writing.

In addition to the learning of the language, we also concentrate on the personality present ability attribute of an individual. As an exemplary addition to this course, we have introduced sessions that will only be directed towards the personality development of an individual. In this we will help you understand your personality type and how to polish it up, to make sure that you have everyone get a glimpse of you when you are around.

We endeavor continually to propagate an environment that would help and encourage our learners to grasp the skills to master the communication skills within a prescribed time frame. Our content of spoken English classes and training techniques are collaborative in nature with the current trends in today’s modern world and will certainly prove to be efficacious in the overall development of the learner as a person and professional.

A unique feature of Ocean English Academy is placement assistance. After the successful completion of a course, and once we are satisfied with the result driven from the student, we offer counseling to know his/her career motive. We have linked ourselves with some top MNCs and BPOs wherein we showcase our students for job opportunities. A job procurement by our student means success to us and that is what we aim at.

“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy,” synonymous to this saying we believe that a little fun is not injurious. Hence we organize fun activities from time to time as well so that our students are not bogged or burdened down with trainings all the time. We organize excursions as well from time to time which is completely voluntary in nature for our students.


  1. Using a vast array of experience, at ocean English academy, we first come down to the level of our learners and then bring them up to higher levels of learning. The vast experience that we have gained so far has enabled us to attain an insight on the problems faced by a person generally, to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently in English language and we have been able to customize our content and teaching methodologies accordingly, as per their actual needs.

  2. After a successful completion of a unit, assessments are conducted to gauge the learning curve of the student and to understand the areas of improvement. We are aware that a student needs personal attention at times; hence we have limited batch size. We also have the facility of extra class on weekends wherein a student can come to clear the doubts of any particular session.
  3. Our English training pedagogy is modern English centric with 100% result orientation.
  4. Out training methods aims at achieving the deliverables from the individual’s perspective.
  5. We follow a bilingual mode to facilitate comprehension and transition of thoughts in the process of English language skills enhancement.
  6. We have trained professionals from all industry verticals.
  7. Our trainers are recruited on stringent parameters so that they are in alignment with the expectations set from them as per the output of the module.
  8. We offer pre and post assessments to understand the level of our learners and gauge accordingly.
  9. We offer practical sessions by exposing learners to different situations as well as interaction with guest lecturers during the course of the training.
  10. We are pretty flexible with our content, so if candidate wants to add up some topics in the training, we inculcate them as per the requirement.

We value your money, and we will do anything and everything that is legitimate to help you learn, grow and command soft skills development.

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